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Desc:... it would be wise to suspect foul play.
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:white people, whiter people
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Comment count is 16
Five stars alone for his frantic, donkey-like guffawing at 0:53.
huh huh huh ho hoo hoo haa aa a aaaaa

Binro the Heretic
One of my first jobs was working at a place that made industrial air-handling and environmental control equipment.

One day, one of my coworkers was showing off a "homemade duck call" made from leftover materials. It consisted of a length of thin aluminum tubing coiled into a spiral with a fitting on one end that acted as the mouthpiece and a cone-shaped amplifier on the other end. He asked if anyone wanted to try it.

One young man volunteered. He took the device, drew a deep breath, pressed his lips to the mouthpiece and blew hard.

The guy standing behind him and to his left got a face full of blue chalk line dust.
Bob Marley? Because her face is white?
Yeah, he lost me there too.

Robin Kestrel
I'm guessing he meant Jacob Marley.

My theory: The baby powder made her wet hair clump together, giving the appearance of dreadlocks.

Wow, I can't believe 'whiter people' already had something tied to it.
The Mothership
Yea, NICE!

Jet Bin Fever
that was one of my favorite parts, I think.

Jet Bin Fever
I predict big things for that relationship.
The Townleybomb
Of course his name is T.J.
Albuquerque Halsey
Is this part of the Mystery Method?

7) Hit her in the face with something hot and white. (point to schlong)
Dread Pirate Roberts
For the Tags and their comically idea order.

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