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Desc:While singing Biggie
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:wwf, hulk hogan, Biggie Smalls, Brooke Hogan, Jimmy Hart
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Comment count is 13
I love the enormous Borat-style censor bar. Also there is no way you can convince me this relationship is not sexual.
I am very close to my father, since we're a lot alike and he raised me almost exclusively while my mom worked. I adore him in the way one should adore their father if they did a half decent job of raising them. The thought of looking at my dad the way Brooke looks at hers at around 1:05 makes me want to throw up. A lot.

Yaaay daddy issues.

I'd still pork her but I wouldn't want her to call me "daddy".

Why the hell not?! Unless you are her actual daddy...

Mike Tyson?!
It's so great that Hogan thinks this is appropriate.
it is isnt it?

He had to show the uncensored video to get the wrestling news rags off his back.
Will he be president in 2012, or 2016?
Anyway, buy Def Jam Rapstar.
Rape Van Winkle
This literally makes me so uncomfortable that I feel sick.

Five stars.
MacGyver Style Bomb
After all the steroids, how much junk would he really have left?
He basically flashed a mound of bleached pubes.

Pain meds.
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