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Desc:Say hello to the thing about to replace you on the production line, Doris.
Category:Science & Technology, Business
Tags:Robot, physics, alternate balloon usage
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Comment count is 17
The Unions should have created Automation Research Divisions two centuries ago. Then labor could benefit from the introduction of this kind of technology.
Binro the Heretic
Don't the Daleks have a hand attachment like that?

This will end well.
Their toilet plunger works something like this I think. This one is made from ground coffee in a ballon.

Not sure how I feel about low tech robots.

lifting a raw egg is a goddamn triumph
I had a vague notion of this idea(pliable tool that conforms to the task- I got tired of looking for ratchet heads) fifteen years ago but lacked the requisite scientific and engineering knowledge to make it manifest.
"But then I got high"

Tom Collins
a vacuum with something soft on the suction end
Robin Kestrel
More like something soft that becomes very rigid when the air is evacuated. Each little particle of coffee becomes a gripping finger. Suction against the target object doesn't seem to come into play.

James Woods
Robot rape is going to suck. :(
"also his balls are huge"

and blue

and sticky
Pretty clever.
Alienation, meet labor. Labor, likewise.
I can't wait until one of these comes and kidnaps me when I'm sleeping one night. The ultimate in processiing comfort.
Sleeping, in your cardboard box cause we're all gonna be replaced by robots. The robots are only messing with you cause they decided to go slumming that night.

I giant, robotic, gripping nutsack. Yeah. Back to therapy.
That guy
A robot will often find that its gripper is inadequate for handling its crippling anxieties.
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