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Desc:Good job history channel.
Category:General Station
Tags:crazy, Armageddon, History Channel
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Comment count is 14
Note to self: "doing research" means checking whether or not books have been written on a subject.
Killer flu is boring anyway. Now super rabies, that's way more fun.
Dread Pirate Roberts
He has a right to be scared. Did you guys see the A-bomb flash at 1:00? It's REAL!
This man is not alone, one time I thought the Ice Road Truckers were out to get me.
Grandmaster Funk
"Nine part documentary" = broken up into nine youtube clips. And he's only watched one part (ten minutes) and felt this merited a video response.
Here's a table of contents I found for the book he's talking about.

by Dr. Braino McSmartins

Forward: This Man is Not a Doctor (by C. Everett Coop)

Chapter One: Did you Guys Hear There Was a Superbug?

Chapter Two: Can the Superbug Lift a Boulder (Yes.)

Chapter Three: I Heard That if You Catch the Superbug, You Bleed So Much Out Your Butt, That, Like, Your Butt Runs out of Blood.

Chapter Four: The History Channel: America's Last Bastion of Scientific Journalism

Chapter Five: How the Superbug Made Me Gay. Really, Mom, It Was the Superbug.

Chapter Six: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super...BUG? WHAAA????

Chapter Seven: This is What They Have in Store For Us!

Chapter Eight: Who "They" Are (The Swedes)

Chapter Nine: What They Have in Store For Us (Mass Extinction Via Cocoa Floods)

Chapter Ten: Shit, I'm Still Like Sixty Pages Below My Minimum Page Count: Thirty Pages of Charts

Chapter Eleven: Sorry Most of the Charts Were Baseball Statistics.

Chapter Twelve: Space-Filling Fanfiction Theater Presents: Wonder Woman and Darkwing Duck: Forbidden Passions

Chapter Thirteen: Oh, Right, the Superbug. It's Going to Kill You.

Chapter Fourteen: Unless You Make a Youtube Video About It.

Epilogue: Seriously the Superbug is Right Behind You

Afterward: I Don't Think That's Even His Real Name (By Kofi Annan)
Holy shit.

James Woods
The next five stars I give you will also be for this super bug comment.

Well, shit.

all-star comment

Caminante Nocturno
This is the kind of guy who doesn't realize that Spinal Tap isn't a real band until the very end of the film, if ever.
There are still people who think Stephen Colbert is totally sincere.

Billy the Poet
"They" (the Superbugs) have so much in store for you.
He said "predictive programming." Just letting you know.
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