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Desc:This man has over 800 of these videos and 8251 subscribers
Category:Video Games
Tags:Mario, super mario world, Kaizo, fantastic, sirronlionheart
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Comment count is 13
So, how much of this video can YOU sit through?
I seriously just listened to three of them while drawing something. At one point he laughed in tune with the little victory song at the end of a level and I lost it, I don't even know why.

19 seconds. Evil.

I was about to shut it off after a few seconds. Couldn't stand his voice.

But then I found myself laughing every time he said "This is fantastic!", then every time he said "This is difficult, wait no, this is easy!", and then every time he rolled his r's.

At the end of the episode I had to watch another one because I was laughing so hard.

there is no god
Foreign people play Mario week anyone?
Half assed Strongbad impression IMHO

1. Bookmark this video
2. Come back here with a couple bottles of something cheap and horrible
3. Every time he says "Save state", take a shot
4. Die
The weird thing about sirron is that his earliest videos were of a pretty calm, normal-voiced guy just playing through some Mario 64. It took a couple dozen videos before he realized that the path to youtube superstardom was having a single, easily identifiable gimmick.

The best/worst videos are when he forces his wife to participate in this shit.
Jet Bin Fever
I want to rip this audio and put it over some metal.
Robin Kestrel

Strongbad meets Father Guido Sarducci.
while freebasing crystal meth...

Yeah, this is pretty awful.
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