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Desc:Too awful for 73q. Also the inspiration for Tim and Eric's 'Pusswhip Banggang'
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:Stoned, horny, the doors, robbie krieger
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John Holmes Motherfucker
People are strange.
When you're a stranger.

Truly, too awful for 73q. Jesus, there's barely even music to speak of in there.
(begins bottle throwing)
One... two... three four five.... one... two... three four five...
It's got a good beat and I can dance to it!
Needs snoop dog in the mix.
now is that any way to act at a rock n'roll concert?
yuck. horrible fanboy comments on youtube also
The Doors still have fans?

Boomer The Dog
I must not understand what good music sounds like. It might have been better if they thought of it as 60s garage.
Syd Midnight
The band once had some personality, when he died they reverted to being just a 60s bar band

5 stars for demonstrating how Jim Morrison got a lot better just by being dead

poor robbie krieger. dude was a great guitarist.
Why did they make Krieger sing when Phil Manzarek could do a dead-on Jim Morrison while playing (which he did routinely when Morrison was too high to make it to the stage and they had to play without him)?
Ray. Ray Manzarek.

Mister Yuck
Sadly, this is the best song on either of the post-Morrison albums. By a wide, wide margin.
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