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Desc:Hardcore mode
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:zero punctuation, Yahtzee, Fallout: New Vegas, brutal romantic conquests, bugging out
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Comment count is 12
"Wait a minute, drinking soda actually makes me more thirsty!? How does that make any sense?"

Yes, drinking soda in Fallout 3 actually makes you MORE thirsty. Just like real life. There is a shit ton of salt in it. 40mg of sodium in a single can. I guess you could say that it resembles seawater in that respect.

They add salt so you'll drink more. Then they add a sickening amount of sugar to make it palatable. They know exactly what they're doing.

That's awesome that the fallout guys added that to the game. It is also pretty awesome that so many people have to get their nutritional facts from a video game.

People greatly overstate soda's diuretic properties, just like how they overstate Zero Punctuation's humor and relevance.

Yeah, seawater has a great deal more salt in it than soda.

Anyone who's consumed large quantities of alcohol (or I suppose, large quantities of seawater) know what a real diuretic does to you.

Syd Midnight
Apparently some internet people are unaware that some other internet people drink no liquids but soda. That's terribly fattening but don't be a fucking baby about it, soda doesn't make you thirstier. Straight whiskey makes you thirstier.

It's too bad he dismissed it as a "Fallout 3 expansion pack" so quickly and didn't really give it a chance, Fallout New Vegas is exactly the kind of game Yahtzee is always bitching that they don't make.
I do not like this one. Oh well, everybody misses once in a while.
Caminante Nocturno
I guess Yahtzee is too, how you say, CEREBRAL for your average POETV viewer.

Tisk, tisk.
Sudan no1
oh, yahtzee!
So I guess it's not cool to like Yahtzee anymore?
It was never really cool.

Syd Midnight
Woah did he accidentally click the "suck" checkbox in his video editing software or something?
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