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Desc:new eye candy
Category:Advertisements, Trailers
Tags:Trailer, tron, legacy, Tron Legacy
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Koda Maja
Dayglo: the movie
Yeah, it would have been cooler if the Tron sequel looked less like Tron.

Or more like Tron. Or just 'interesting' would have done it for me

This looks like a boring script with a dumb plot and poor acting but some impressive visuals.

So it's very true to the original.

I think the trailers have spoiled some of the best points of the movie, like revealing that the big bad is Clu 2.0.

I'm still really excited to see this movie. Watching the original TRON is what inspired me to mess around with computers when I was younger.
The grid. A place of tits.
As long as the script isn't insultingly stupid, Jeff Bridges and the eye candy (including Olivia Wilde) should carry this.
The girl in this is not hard on the eyes.

Billy the Poet
Did anyone notice that the preview was approved for "appropriate audiences?" What the fuck does that even mean?
It means that it's not for audiences in the like of Alek Guiness because he'd keep whining about the plot being stupid, the dialogs being meaningless and other non-Shakespearian issues.

Caminante Nocturno
This movie looks great. I can't wait to put it on my Netflix queue.
A torrent sounds more appealing to me.

Also, this was written by the writers of Lost and Felicity.
Then I hope this story doesn't turn out to have been
(A) A dream
(B) Purgatory because HE WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME

No, man, you're Flynn, I'm the dude. That's what you call me.
Timothy A. Bear
Looks better than any of the SW prequels.
That's saying saying, 'looks better than a punch in the eye'

saying saying

I don't think you people appreciate how GOOD this story is. Seriously. I mean, we're still getting movies and TV shows with ridiculous graphical interfaces and people who say things like "Lemme enhance the C++ code to see if there's a firewall we can download through the IP."
Tron Legacy is having none of that, and just going back to the ridiculous fantasy of the first film of the inner computer as a "world with electronic people in it" which is just as downright fucking charming today as it was back in 82. It's not bothering to try and frame this in any sort of plausibility, which is awesome, because it's that "everything has to be logical and explained" thing that is ruining most modern movies.
So, I think personally it's a fucking miracle this sequel is turning out the way it is.
Hay Belly
Amen. Plus the ARG has been a lot of fun.

My name is Nikon and I agree with Mr. Pain.

They need to stop releasing trailers, this is the one that made me decide not to see the movie in theaters. The next one may take me straight to never seeing the movie at all.
So you're making a more informed decision based on more information? You would have preferred to go and waste your time knowing less about what you were paying for?

... no, actually, that's a very good point. In critiquing their marketing tactic I forgot that it was actually benefiting me, my snark overshadowing my comprehension for a bit.

Thank you.

5 for this

Maybe even a midnight show...
Rum Revenge
My Dad never took me to cyberspace. Guess he didn't care.
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