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Desc:I guess he's making up for the Mt Kilauea thing
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Snake, bear grylls, man vs wild, dude wtf
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 14
What about Kilauea?

holy fucking god he bite that snakes head ! some bring back cyst videos please. no snake weeks i cant take them
There are so many videos and reports of this show being fake beyond belief that part of me thinks this is a puppet or something.
The hard part would be catching it without getting bit. Once you've got the snake, killing it is easy; he just chose to go with the unnecessarily showy and disgusting method. Lacking a blade, I'd have smashed it's head against the rocks to kill it, but whatever.

And that snake is waaay too docile. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the film crew stuck it in their ice-chest for a half-hour or so before shooting the scene.

It's a WHOLE RIVER! He discovered it.

He refilled his canteen without any kind of filtration? Is he trying to get a parasite or bacterial infection?

Also he's hawking a new line of survival knives why wouldn't he just cut it's head off with said knife?
Moving stream water is safe to drink, hence the moving stream water part.

Everything about this douchebag is fake, or faked.
So he didn't put a snake in his mouth and bite the head? Cause that's what I saw going on regardless of any facts about the snake or their location.

That snake was made of gummi.

My favourite Grylls memory was when he caught a wild caribou with a piece of string tied to a birch tree then slashed its throat with a hunting knife and drank its blood.

I totally saw that technique in the SAS Survival Handbook.

He was running around (he never walks) the arctic circle dressed for the patio of some ski lodge. There were a suspicious amount of deciduous trees around for the high arctic.

Johnny Madhouse
I hope he drank a guinea worm.
Johnny Madhouse
Oh wait is he in Australia?

I hope he drank a poisonous water spider.

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