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Desc:Seagal's crowning moment.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:steven seagal, on deadly ground, save the world
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Comment count is 16
This was originally 20 minutes long, I believe. I love this movie.
It was somewhere between 11 and 15 minutes.

asian hick
What does it take to change the end of a movie?

LJ: It was definitely originally 15-20 minutes long. I saw this in a drive in during high school and missed the majority of the movie, but this part was definitely a mood killer and would NOT END.

Things would have been different, perhaps, if more of us had watched On Deadly Ground.
Caminante Nocturno
This was funnier back when you could say he was exaggerating.

If only we'd listened to dojo master/Bodhisattva/Guru/Medicine Man/Musician/Actor/New Orleans part time Sheriff Steven Segal...if only.

Is this the one where Seagal goes on a vision quest and passes up hot Indian pussy to learn the secrets of eco-terrorism from Grandma Willow? It's no Under Siege that's for sure.
Also, dr cox, michael caine and billy bob are in this movie too. For real.

Rather just listen to Al Gore.
Dinkin Flicka
You're Al Gore, aren't you

a single tear...
Oscar Wildcat
The kids at the Free School are being tormented by the townspeople, help them Billy!

...one tin soldier rides awaayyyyyy!!!
Five because he would never form these opinions on his own.
Steven Seagal is ironically cool. Sort of like a Hipster beard, or Reebok Pumps.
And that's why I killed fifty guys and blew up an oil rig.
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