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Desc:Hunter saves the lives of two bucks by shooting them.
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:Redneck, Hunting, deer, William Tell, shit animals
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Comment count is 11
standard8mm - 2010-11-18
A responsible redneck.
Callamon - 2010-11-18
Stars are for the shot. I gotta 1 star all dear though, they are dumb as fuck. Forest rats. I came across two bucks, dead, they were locked like these and somehow managed to get hung over the crook of a tree.
Scynne - 2010-11-18

Tom Collins - 2010-11-18
Other disasters averted by this man this week:

Broken ring pull on can of beans
Sticking emergency brake on a 1982 Ford Bronco
Extension cord all tangled up
Cat in tree
Mexicans loitering in car park
Those good for nothing punk kids
mouser - 2010-11-18
Five effin stars for an awesome shot, awesome good-valued red neck.
Also five stars for his rather stupid or hypocritical comment "they didn't deserve to die LIKE THAT".
standard8mm - 2010-11-18
I laughed about that for some reason. Five stars for the comment you posted because I forgot to star it.

TeenerTot - 2010-11-18

chumbucket - 2010-11-18
well damn, they didn't even wave a thanks
TheOtherCapnS - 2010-11-18
Was that a WoW sound clip there at the end?

Also: They really, really do deserve to die exactly like that.
RockBolt - 2010-11-18
Yes, I meant to do that
memedumpster - 2010-11-18
If aliens did this every time humans fight, only I would think that shit was funny.
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