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Desc:This is his first video. This right here is what we call an 'explosive debut'
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:autism, harry potter, so lonely
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Comment count is 29
He implies that he's American in the beginning, right? So that's fake accent? Because that may be the saddest aspect of this video.
Fake accents? Fake?!? That his parents HAPPEN to reside in the colonies does not invalidate his British nature anymore than the fact that his parents are Muggles make him not a wizard. Were he to split his soul into a Horcux, you would find it on the streets of Diagon Alley, at home in the world of the London Underground, bangers and mash, and butterbeer. For as the Sorting Hat said, we are defined by who were choose to be, not by accidents of our birth. Even the prophecy itself was determined by Voldemort's actions, not because Harry was born as the Chosen One. Have you learned nothing from Harry Potter!

Well done, sir. Have these.

I lolled

I can picture his parents in 1997, thrilled that their young son was such an avid reader at such a young age...
I wish I loved astronomy as much as he loves Harry Potter.
I wish I loved anything as much as he loves Harry Potter.

That camera operator is one confused and frightened hooker.
Wearing this: http://www.halloweencostumes4u.com/prods/rub4699.html


Lonely? He's got at least one person who will tolerate him.
No way man weren't you paying attention that was a spell holding the camera.

How do you hold down a job long enough to buy all of that overpriced garbage, let alone the rooms to put it in, when you are that crazy?
Are you implying that he is not living with his parents?

He has over 15 wands?
So that's, what, 16?
I can't even imagine the cognitive dissonance going on this guy's head to justify this sort of existence and not just run screaming into the night from his pathetic life.
I have that effect on most teenage boys, it's a curse.

"even dress robes that I wore to prom."

The prom in his head.

Pendragon's Potions and Pentacles Prom, of course! Harry will be there, and so will Frodo and Spider-Man. And they'll crown this guy King of Magictown once they see all his tshirts.

I don't think that was JK Rowling who signed his book. Looks more like it was someone named Jlclorp.

He is issuing this challenge because he wants friends. :(
He can wear Harry potter clothing for three months straight and not wear the same thing twice... does that count underwear?
Oh, and it's not Win-gardium Levi-osa, it's Win-GARdium Levi-oh-SAH.
Well, at least he's not fat.
Under the Harry Potter corset...

The thing that boggles my mind about Harry Potter is that they have all these magical powers and almost infinite resources, and how come there's STILL fat wizards? Nevermind the fact that their society seems to have absolutely no moral problem whatsoever with not curing cancer for the Muggles because then they'd be "asking for magical solutions for everything".

Clearly someone has not studied enough Harry Potter theodicy.

My t-shirts are mostly things people bring back from vacations. So I could appear to have gone to Miami every day for 30 months without having been there.
or 3 months, even

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