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Desc:for all of your chicken harvesting needs
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:dinner, chicken, farming, chicken vacuum, modern chicken lifestyle
Submitted:Ludo Smell Bad
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Comment count is 13
Simply amazing in a technical respect...

I find it kind of gross in a way (not liberal oh my god animal lover), perhaps disconcerting would be a better description, that the industrialization of food has come to this.

I get a very Strogg vibe from watching this.
Tom Collins
Another good day's work in the chicken seams of Yorkshire.
I'm rethinking my position on vegetarianism. Not due to animal cruelty, but out of being grossed out.
Not all chicken is raised like this...but if you eat meat at fast food places or anything like that you can bet your ass a lot more cruel and/or gross stuff went on.

I was vegan for nearly 10 years because I couldn't stomach thinking about this kinda stuff. Now I just selfishly shut out the visions.

Interesting thing about broiler operations is that it isn't "harvesting" and processing that are most cruel, but the breeding genetics of the modern broiler chicken. They simply grow so fast that their heart and lungs and bones have no chance to keep up. They can't move for their mass, and likely are in continuous pain for the last few weeks of their life. Its not uncommon for 5-10% to be "downers", having suffered spontaneous heart-attacks or the like, before the end of their 52 days on Earth.

Still nowhere near as cruel as industrial egg operations.

It's a short step from treating other sentient animals as machines to treating humans as such.

Pixel McStencilbuffer
godot, you honestly think chickens are SENTIENT animals? Having raised a few myself, I must say that I have met smarter rocks.

Hay Belly
These are the most humane way of collecting chickens for processing. I don't see how it's gross at all. You'd rather see all the broken legs from people grabbing them and picking them up?


better with music
This video clip is a duplicate of a video clip that is already on this video clip website.
it was from something i submitted. the original video is dead and gone. this is fine.


Once again, aliens, this is not a good idea.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Just imagine how easy it would be to do this with people.
Until it beheads, plucks, guts, cleans and turns them into KFC I will not be impressed.
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