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Desc:Reaching across the aisle
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:onion, buses, high-speed, infrastructure
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Comment count is 15
chumbucket - 2010-11-19
Each piloted by a guy who looks like a grizzled Clint Eastwood as in the film Gauntlet
Jet Bin Fever - 2010-11-19
The CGI traffic simulation.
memedumpster - 2010-11-19
That was the part that had me rolling, the animators did a great job of capturing the "holy shit high speed bus" phenomenon.

Time Travel Mishap - 2010-11-19
Option to tell up to two economy class passengers to stop doing what they're doing.
pastorofmuppets - 2010-11-19
And a café-passenger who sells tamales out of a cooler.

petep - 2010-11-19
we're all dead and earth is purgatory

Spit Spingola - 2010-11-19
Poor Kirk Douglas.
revdrew - 2010-11-19
I wonder how long it will take for right wing blogs to pick this up and pass it off as real.
memedumpster - 2010-11-19

Syd Midnight - 2010-11-19
good call

Yellow Lantern - 2010-11-19
"...as long as their feet don't touch the ground."

I love that throwaway joke because it perfectly sums up how the anti-immigrant arguments are just grade-school tree fort bullshit.
catpenis27 - 2010-11-19
Tell me if I'm alone in this: I was just thinking, after watching several shitty news stories, why are news organizations like The Onion and The Colbert Report so much more.. idk, put together and well done? If not just downright honest?
kennydra - 2010-11-20
you are alone in using the acronym "idk" in a serious comment.


cognitivedissonance - 2010-11-20

twinkieafternoon - 2010-11-20
The cars trying to get onto the exit ramp having to go perilously through the bus lane.
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