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Desc:With a seasonal twist...
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Ouch, bros, Friends Like These, headshot, exercise ball
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Comment count is 20
I didn't care enough about the gag to watch 30 seconds of commercial
No commercial here.

It wasn't worth the wait.

Also... overalls? Really?

Holy fuck, Dr. Dre made a laptop?! Sweet!

You people have awful taste, this is amazing. And worth it for 30 seconds of commercials, that's why computers have mute buttons.
Muting commercials seems like the most impotent type of defiance imaginable to me.

It's not defiance. It's just ignoring it. I usually end up looking at something in a different tab with the mute on until the commercial's over.

The twist is that everyone appears to be a douchebag.
Meatsack Jones
Next on the commercial, not enough interest in the gag.
La Loco
I'm gonna go get me a gangsta hp computer now. I'm gonna hit the switches on it.
blue vein steel
the Dr. Dre commercial was one of the more evil things i've seen before noon today and the fact that the volume was 10 times higher than I was expecting...5
Tuan Jim
Monster Cable is really doing well marketing itself
the first time i watched this, there was a commercial, but the second time there was none. others say they saw none ever. so i am assuming there was no ad for the submitter and simon666 should not be punished for sneaky marketing.

There was no ad when I first watched the video and submitted it. However, when I watched it again in the hopper there was an ad. I figured it wasn't going to make it out of the hopper because of this and forgot about it. Then it shows up here.

I'll take this as proof the hopper is become more and more useless :(

I don't care how people vote on this one.

I reloaded this 10 times to see if an ad would appear, it didn't. Yay Noscript and Adblock plus, I guess.

I think the problem is that break now sticks commercials before embedded videos, but for videos on their site. This appears to be something new.

*but not for...

Ugh, commercial.
HP users through ball at HP user, knocks HP user down.
HP made me an illiterate moron.

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