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Desc:Linking the loli megatron tag.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Transformers, so lonely, wtfjapan, Loli Megatron
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Comment count is 11
One star for every minute of my life that I won't get back (rounded up) I'm not sure how I made it to ~3:35 or so, but I did.

I just couldn't look away.
Made it to 4:17
This is only part one of four.
I'm ready to nominate his channel the most useless review show i've ever seen on youtube.
Why is that anime, sci-fi, and figures/model kits attract these kinds of people?
I can't even comprehend this.
6:09 and I couldn't take a grown man holding up a little toy girl with no pants while talking about pretend robot history anymore.
K. Brass
I bet he knows how to escape the dungeon without using the wizard's key.
To those her were promised loli Megatron and are perhaps feeling a bit cheated:

The official manga for this series featured Megatron attempting to rape one of the girls with a penis tentacle tongue.

Here are a couple of images:

http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/attach/1/4418244ea1d5 8cd3cc_0.jpg

Enjoy! ^_^
Caminante Nocturno
In Megatron's defense, the first picture is pretty ambiguous, and he's clearly planning on eating (not raping) the girl in the second picture.

Maybe I secretly WANT Megatron to rape lolis :(

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