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Desc:It's a good thing that cats like water.
Category:Humor, Pets & Animals
Tags:sound of pleasure, cat butt, cat bath, howls of the damned
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Comment count is 13
Great idea, bad execution.
La Loco
Can I has bath time?

cat is actually pretty docile.

but for real the best way to bathe a cat is the fill and dunk method (but not the head) because its faster.

anyways what mancakes said. kinda lame....you know.
Great video if you've never used shampoo before in your life and wish to learn about the wonders of lather. That guy wouldn't have any skin left he he tried that with a normal cat.
Tom Collins
I'm pretty sure in 20 minutes the cat's completely sober again, actually.

Best way I've found to do this is to turn on the shower, get the cat, and just carry it in (hold it as far away from your body as possible).

Fortunately, in about 20 years of living with cats more often than not, I've only needed to bathe one once. I don't understand how people's cats get smelly, it's pretty easy to keep them and the house they live in clean and odor free.
Thank you, David, for declawing me I won't rip your throat open.
White Trash Party
Sounds of the damned is right. I've never heard a cat make that sound EXCEPT for when it is being bathed.
David: It's a good thing cats like water!

i love this video
Jane Error
I think it acted more normal when it was high, David.

Pieces of crap on his butt? Seriously?
The Mothership
Howls of the damned.
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