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Desc:Sliding Cars in Seattle Snow on 11/22/10
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:snow, ice, seattle, Too High To Drive Man
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Comment count is 37
As advertised.
Lucky bus 13 Downtown
the music that starts at 3:05 when the bus appears is perfect. you just know something's gonna go down.
That's the bus's theme song. It plays that all the time over a speaker so you know the bus is coming.

Doesn't matter how many times I see it.
White Trash Party
Commentary was kept to a minimum which was nice. Also whoever parked their car up on that hill is one lucky person. Kept waiting for someone to nail it.
Rape Van Winkle
Hello, sir. I think I met my ex girlfriend at you.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Thank god that the fire department has the better drivers.
Caminante Nocturno
Maybe you should just walk.
The Northwest still has zero snow weather infrastructure. Only in Seattle would the fire department need to be deployed to put salt on the ground.
Yeah, I grew up in Northern Massachusettes and this is just an embarrassing display all around.

Rape Van Winkle
It's funny, because the lesser Jeep that spun out in front of mine on Monday night had Massachusetts plates.

The northwest gets snow like this only once every few years, and it's 100% gone in a couple of days. Why spend tons of money on infrastructure you almost never get to use?

I was amazed at how shitty the drainage systems on the east coast are. Standing water near storm drains? WTF?

Personally, I blame Californians.

Most Northwesterners know to stick to the freeways or stay the hell off the roads.

Seems like these come around every year. The bus is like a giant stick of butter sliding down bacon.
The Mothership
a quick POETV search of 'seattle' brings up a number of winter driving gems.

Snow/ice + hills = dangerous

Yes, there are real hills out west, not the driveway-sized "mountains" the crazy easterners have.

I know, that 20 degree incline is unheard of in the flat side of America.

Rape Van Winkle
All the people who laugh at me all year, for having a tricked out Jeep in the city, got laughed at the last few days when they asked for rides.
are you a jeep owner, seattle resident, and poetv user too? holy hell.

Rape Van Winkle
Sometimes I think we all are.

As someone from the Gulf Coast, where we get two seasons a year (summer and early fall)...how do you drive in this?

I've been to places where this kind of thing happens, I just never had to drive behind the wheel during it.
As a resident of Vermont where we get two seasons, winter and non-winter. I can tell you that no one actually drives, they just swerve their way to destinations.

First off, if you start to slide you don't accelerate like the people in this video seem to like doing.

I live in Oklahoma, its pretty mild here until about January.
Then the shit hits the fan.

Either you dont drive at all, or you drive at a crawl and swerve everywhere.
These people are complete idiots. The only people that go this fast on ice/black ice are people who think they can make nature bend to their will.

Dr Dim
I know exactly where that cameraman lives. lol.
I wonder if the porno they sampled music from knows about this video
What kind of porno chugs this fast..?

Mike Tyson?!
Even I know that you aren't supposed to lock up the brakes when you start to slide.
Can someone confirm that the side of the bus has an ad with the slogan 'We'll Get You' as it is sliding out of control..?
The full ad is actually "We'll get you there", and it's for Metro, the bus system in Seattle. Why you would advertise the bus on the side of a bus is a separate question.

I used to ride that bus...
Rape Van Winkle
In frozen Northwest, bus rides you!

Robin Kestrel
The bus.
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