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Desc:The kitten loves this. http://www.thearraymbira.com/
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:Bill Wesley, homemade instruments
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Comment count is 16
Billy the Poet
I think we're in Autastic territory here.
Because any time someone does something difficult or intricate they are autistic.

This guy makes at least a partial living selling these.

This site often makes autism look like a superior way of life. I bet the tips of his fingers are so calloused that he could rip someone's face off.

I know you probably meant "autistic" and I think you're right. But Autastic should be a tag for fantastic autistic.

Not every artist is autistic, you know.

Also, he uses rosin on his fingertips, there's probably a lot less friction than playing a bass guitar.

OK, I watched some interviews, he may be a little autistic.

Tuan Jim
Who got through the whole thing?

I mean serious, attentive listening.

I made it 2 minutes.
I listened to it closely. He's a good musician.

Ten seconds.

Goofy Gorilla
Worst instrument ever. I mean, this makes the sousaphone look like a euphonium.
The MIDI controller he patented looks pretty amazing:

there's one sitting between him and the camera in the video.

Are you stalking him?

Also: I was impressed parts in the composition as well.

This guy listens to a lot of african music. He made this probably thinking he was improving upon that old mbira with his design. Instead, he ended up making a cat's cradle of stabbing ear pain that only sounds good when accompanied with mouse-stomping.
That instrument does not produce pleasing tones. It is squeaky. This music is on par with a holiday CD I once heard that was made completely out of dog barks. It was not my choice to listen to that CD.
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