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Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:Battletoads, kinect, lol the future, joyride
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Comment count is 14
:D xmas came early!
Louis Armstrong
Zen master of video games, teach me your ways.
Dr. Lobotomy
Can you imagine actually controlling that damn battletoads stage using Kinect?

The Xbox would probably RROD out of mercy to save both your mental and physical health.
You could probably get a pretty good idea by playing with a U Force.

so thats what the rest of that stage looks like
Innocent Bystander
This. I remember playing this around the age of ten or something and thought it was a really cool game with 3 or so levels.

My friends and I all beat this stage in middle school, you wussies.

(I think it was the snake stage that always got me; I could never get through the second-to-last room in Ninja Turtles, either)

I rented this often. I also considered this to be the end of the game.

Usually we just used Game Genie to skip to the last level, and then fought each other on those rotating towers until we ran out of lives. Battletoads needed a VS mode.

Sudan no1
I (asked my parents for) a game genie JUST FOR this horseshit stage.

This was hard as a kid, but really not a whole lot different than Bit Trip Runner, which I've been torturing myself with as an adult.
The next to last level is a racing one where all you have to do is press the direction you're facing. The boss kills you if he catches up to you and is faster than you on straight ways but not on turns, so you must hit the new direction at turns very fast.

The level is literally impossible unless you discover that you can just pause the game the instant you hit a turn, press the new direction, then unpause. You cannot win if you play it normally, even with perfect reflexes. The human thumb simply cannot physically move from one d-pad direction to the other fast enough to fit the teeny margin of error required.

The same level on the SNES version was even worse. It took me literally hundreds of tries using the pause trick AND save states together.
I think you may have missed the point to this video.

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