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Desc:Groovy, man.
Category:Humor, Pets & Animals
Tags:shreds, Music!, phish, jamming out
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Comment count is 18
Tom Collins
yeah ok we get it now edit it down to more like thirty seconds :|
But then it wouldn't be as interminable as any Phish song.

The Townleybomb
Nothing is as interminable as a Phish song.

Tom Collins
You're making me question the afterlife -- if Phish go on forever, then what is forever?

I Phish therefore I am.

I lost interest in this guy after I saw his "making of" video.
You have big shoes to fill, and I only wear a size 9. =/

Pretty awful as far as "shreds" videos go.
La Loco
Aren't Phish "shreds" already?
shouldn't this just be called "What Phish Sounds Like"?
I have mixed feelings about Phish but this video was just bad.
What the fuck is the drummer wearing

Is that a moo-moo?!
I've never listened to phish before, so I went to YT and listen to a few songs. They really sound like something I should like when I'm in a mellow mood, but I just didn't. They ain't no Blind Mellon.
Listen to Billy Breathes before you go full snark.
THANK you.

I don't like Phish, or this video.
White Trash Party
I used to love these guys. Then I stopped smoking 24/7 and I'm sad to say I love them a lot less :(
Corman's Inferno
Whatcher basswater s'pose'd ta be
Remember that Duke Nukem Forever video that just compiled all the worst parts of Duke Nukem Forever into one hilarious package? I want someone to do that with a Phish show.
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