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Desc:ca. 2000 - 10/26/2010. You will live on forever in the tubes.
Category:Pets & Animals, News & Politics
Tags:fat, dead, CATegory, Prince Chunk
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Comment count is 10
In before La Loco.
"I can has obesity?"

Look at all the skin-monkeys gawking at a lesser creature, a disgustingly fat one at that.
"I see you, yes I do!" indeed.
In before La Loco replies to the first post with a "Can I haz" comment.

None of this stops him. His mediocrity will always prevail.

I have a bad cat
He is very fat
He sat on my hat
And then he shat
He dragged the hat
All over my mat
Then he ate a bat
And made friends with a rat

I took this bad cat
To the laundromat
Where we had a spat
About the theocrat
He's a diplomat
For this crazy dingbat
Sent us off to combat
Like a copycat

He's a bureaucrat
And a total asshat
Shut down the laundromat
Because he overheard chit-chat
An aristocrat
And a cosmocrat
He's a pornocrat
Such a total prat

So I took this bad cat
Back to my flat
Gave up on the hat
Dumped it with the mat
We had a little chat
He'd have nothing of that
But I gave him a pat
'Cuz he's my pussycat

La Loco
Can I has royalty cat?

Is he a politician? Because... he's... fat cat... funny... sorry.
It's not the joke, it's the execution.

Looking at fat cats makes me hungry!
Syd Midnight
Poor guy. So did his previous owners just give him unlimited access to the catfood or something?
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