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Desc:Michael Richards drops the N Bomb on black hecklers (Warning: Cussing). Works best in IE.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:racism, seinfeld, Kramer, the new Lenny Bruce?
Submitted:Sean Robinson
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Comment count is 19
HURF BLURF DUH - 2006-11-20
Racism aside, if that's the best he can do with a heckler, he shouldn't be doing stand-up.
Spit Spingola - 2006-11-20
:( Painful to watch. Richards is good at pratfalls but is not a stand-up comic.
TEDA - 2006-11-20
Oh what, you motherfuckers don't like Kramer now, do you.
GoodAaron - 2006-11-20
That audience member sounded genuinely hurt. Double points!
Sean Robinson - 2006-11-20
Folks were mostly laughing until they realised that there was an angry black man in the room.
KnowFuture - 2006-11-20
Got'damn...imagine having to be the guy who has to go on after him...
baleen - 2006-11-20
mr. richards is obviously not doing well in the noodle. more nuts than racist.
jim - 2006-11-20
kramer in the pressure zone
xenocide - 2006-11-20
Note that when the guy calls him a wash-up, Kramer just kind of gives up. Dude hit the bullseye.
peglegpete - 2006-11-20
Uncalled for is the perfect response. Kramer went KRAZY!!! haha...
Crucifried - 2006-11-20
Like a Bill Hicks breakdown without the insight.
WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2010-12-09
Hahaha, Bill Hicks' "insight"

sosage - 2006-11-21
It's missing a “babow badabow babow” segue to a scene at Monk's diner...
doc duodenum - 2006-11-21
enjoy - 2006-11-21
I like the big, glowing "Laugh" sign in the background during this unfunny exchange.
athodyd - 2006-11-23
onemorepanic - 2006-12-10
gah, he'll blame the place for not turning off the mic, then in two years change his religion.
Caminante - 2006-12-14
I never liked Seinfeld to begin with! So THERE!!!
Quad9Damage - 2007-06-15
An unforgettable moment, like it or not.

Who was the "Oh my God" lady?
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