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Desc:Of several contestants, only one will get her dream plastic surgery in preparation for her wedding.
Tags:why the terrorists hate us, oh America, bridalplasty
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Comment count is 17
This was one of those "wait a second, rewind the DVR" commercials.

I was about to say, "I can't believe it took this long", but then I remembered "The Swan".
Yeah, they're all just taking the original "please help me mask my self-hatred" reality show and adding twists to it.

My twist premise: The winner gets a plastic surgery, but the loser gets to choose what it is.

I recently had to remind myself why the feel good show Extreme Makeover:Home Edition was titled that way... I hate people.

And next year there'll be another variation on this, except in this reality show each episode will end with a losing bride-to-be going under the knife and being horribly disfigured and then being sent home complete with a jeering mob pelting her with rotten fruit and vegetables and insults as she gets taken away from the bride-house in a van or whatever. And then another hired mob doing the same thing to her when she gets home.
It will take more than the combined medical knowledge of earth to fix your butt-face, lady. You have butt-face of the soul.
Oscar Wildcat
One thing you can't hide; is when you're crippled inside.
Wait, this isn't on Oxygen?
god how i alternately love and hate this country
"Sanctity of Marriage."
This show is at least different in the sense that they are "competing" if can call it that to win the plastic surgery they want to look like how the media wants them to but they aren't getting their husbands to pay for it. That's what makes original television in America.

5 stars for being the pure embodiment of evil in so many ways.
Dear TV Show: I look like a human being. Fix this.
Oh, E! is the *Exhibitionism* Network.
I will pay anyone ,000 to punch the winner in the face as soon as she gets the bandages off.
This is too perfect to be real.
Her lines at :21 are so silly that she can't read them with a straight face.
So, um, how do they "compete"? Trivia? Physical challenges?

You know what, never fucking mind. I don't want to know.
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