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Desc:Thanks to Christian Nightmares
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:olivia orangutan, hip hop harriet
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Comment count is 11
Oh holy fuck.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Whenever I see something like this, I imagine Jesus in his living room, yelling at his TV set.
I didn't want to watch this after I saw the preload image but I did.

I don't think Christians can feel shame. I think the internet and mainstream media were the worst things churches could adopt to try to connect with the youth.

"Hey kids! Don't listen to that secular music full of bad lyrics not pertaining to God or not signed to a Christian label! We have our own music about God specially made to sound sorta like that other music! Like Britney Spears? Well how about Stacey Orico! Limp Bizkit? How about DC Talk!"

I went to a church like this as a kid. Teenagers had a room with a loft for service but a stage for music, a pool table and a soda bar. Kids had the basement with puppets and shit. All of this somehow ran together in the main hall and created this level of embarrassing shit. Discussions about The Matrix being about the Bible, casually dressed ministers, references to pop culture dribble in service, teen church trips to see him PG-13 movies etc

Most churches these days are like that which creates a comedy goldmine for the world around them.
Yes, way too long, miss.
Dawn Wiener @ 25.


And, I'd let Harriet watch.
Jet Bin Fever
I'm glad this same bullshit comment is on every video with a person who is in possession of a vagina (presumably).

Jet Bin Fever
and no, I'm not acknowledging the bestiality spin either. It's the same joke.

But you just did!


But who cares?

I think we can all agree that the important thing here is rapping Christian puppets and their love for Jesus.
Do Christians have ANYTHING good?

-2 for being a dupe.
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