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Desc:A very special video presentation analysis report.
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:thanksgiving, Dwayne, true forced loneliness, TFL, dwaynehollowayTV
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look out here comes my piss lol
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Comment count is 8
not very thankful, but thanks
This is what happens when a solitary man hasn't got laid in decades. The brain just breaks apart, everything stops working, plain and simple.
Happy Thanksgiving, why won't anybody fuck me?
drink every time he says "by design"
This Special Edition Thanksgiving Presentation Thankyou Video Production is very thankful indeed! Something about destroying love and China currency.

Happy Holidays!

The NWO won't let you get a date. On the other hand they did make sure you got 7 extra helpings of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. They're not all bad, Dwayne.
Grandmaster Funk
8:19 is beautiful, when he explains that his thanks are not sincere.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
+3 TFL enchanted armor.
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