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Desc:nothing is beyond this Russian demi-god
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:russia, vladimir putin, Putin, Blueberry Hill
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Comment count is 19
Maybe his next number could be "Putin on the Ritz."
He's got back-up but no one's allowed to acknowledge that on penatly of death-by-Putin.
Phhh, big deal! Stephen Harper did this schtick already.

Oh my.
Oh dear

I can't be the only one who started laughing uncontrollably at 1:34.
Hegemony Cricket
You are not alone.

wtf japan
Putin on the Ritz
La Loco
Who would have the balls to tell him he sucks at singing?
Oscar Wildcat
Can I has Julian Assange

Oscar Wildcat
Pretty awesome, but -1 star for lack of a balalaika solo in the middle there ( also: no cats! )
That Putin doesn't appear with Zangief singing and dancing in his ending of Street Fighter 4 is a crime of huge proportions.
What's with the trumpet player?
This is even better than that other washed-up celebrities video from a week or so ago. Also, Vladimir Putin.
And take note, he did the whole number without removing his shirt.
... this time.

Don't quit your d... wait... never mind, carry on.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Don't piss this man off.
Juice Eggs McKenna
Shameless self-promotion is just ONE of his amazing talents
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