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Desc:Trailer for the English dub of an animated Korean Tron rip off thing.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:korea, tron, rip off, joseph lai, Savior of the Earth
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Comment count is 13
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2010-12-14
"Hey, do you think anyone will notice if we lift a few bars from the 'Star Wars' soundtrack?"
mouser - 2010-12-14
And a hint of Captain Harlock, Captain Flamm (or whatever it was called in english). And I might even dare to say, a hint of Pac Man.

sakalak - 2010-12-14
You guys are clearly not familiar with the Godfrey Ho / Joseph Lai corpus.

astropod five - 2010-12-14
looks like some Scooby Doo influence in there, too.

zerobackup - 2010-12-14
*All English dubs recorded in an airport bathroom stall
urbanelf - 2010-12-14
Small Bright Room

Zaku-sensei - 2010-12-14
the animation and character designs still look better than in those Korean ripoffs of Gundam and Mazinger and Transformers (all combined somehow what the hell) that show up in the bargain bin at walmart every once in a while.
themilkshark - 2010-12-14
I have a strong desire to watch this show.
TeenerTot - 2010-12-14
What's that title again?
StanleyPain - 2010-12-14
I wish these kinds of dubs were still made.
Killer Joe - 2010-12-14
Jane Error - 2010-12-14
...with gross turd lips. I mean, I know there's probably not a lot of black people in Korea, but c'mon.

Chalkdust - 2010-12-14
Oh no, G"f!

They oo that bridge to bits!
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