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Desc:Start at :20 for a continuous downhill of creepy and awkward.
Tags:Anime, convention, awkward, geek love, the hosts are jerkasses
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 31
We have to find that first guy's website.
If you ask Caminante nicely enough, I'm sure he'll tell you his website's address.


This is so awful it just rolls off the mind.

Macho Nacho

I wish his Youtube channel wasn't just 80 or 90 Teen Titans clips.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
I don't know who's more fucked in the head: the creepy leering host who wants to make out with the Grade 9-looking Naruto cosplayer or the Grade 9-looking Naruto cosplayer who agrees to make out with the creepy leering host.
Christ. That alone...wow.

He doesn't look much older than sixteen.

But I still had to skip past that part. Right onto the other host trying to make out with other girls.

He's much older than that. And if the rumors are correct, that's exactly his target date.

There is little acting here - those are pretty much their off-camera personas as well.

Shanghai Tippytap
you guise are meen ::glomps belldandy keychain::
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
So how many of you guys here go to these things?
"So we made a video series where we go after the slowest-moving targets imaginable. That's a good start, but there's got to be something more we can do in our desperate quest for internet attention."

"Well, I like to hump middle schoolers. Can we work that in somehow?"
Watching that, I thought it was fake or staged but then I was like "THIS HAS TO BE FAKE OR STAG- she's a Naruto cosplayer and he's an asian with a mic."

Still, the first guy makea me tremble in fear. He was on the brink of going into full detail but got heckled and stopped. I bet he does the Digimon thing and ghostwrites as Prfctcellrulz on deviantart. That's who I hope is behind that.

The mind boggles that some of these people figured out how to get a passport, book a flight and a hotel, dress and feed themselves.
You'd be shocked at what a motivator a convention is to them.

Rofl Lobster
When a man in a Ghostbuster outfit is head-and-shoulders above everyone else maturity-wise, something is wrong.
Also: 6:05. That's a dude? ._.
I see bits of this clip being played at a court case in the near future.
Macho Nacho
It doesn't help that the host apparently punched a kid.

Start at 2:41: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af4jUTgK0tg

Black and white flashback to the assault. "Die, you bitch!" Classy.


Chris-Chan is not unique.
How to hide your geekiness:
- hang out with bigger geeks than yourself.
- call attention to how geeky other people are.
- use the word geek as much as possible.
- refer to others as geeks -- that will imply that you're not one.
- point to other geeks and say "look at that geek".
- use the word geek repeatedly.
- it's ok to be redundant, as long as you're saying geek.
- comment on video, show how the hosts are geeks themselves.

This is the essence of POETV and POE news

Shut up geek.

Caminante Nocturno
There are few things in the world sadder than self-loathing.
It's like a Wacky Races to be the most loathsome person there.
It's PUA advice for anime fans meets a Weezer video meets a livejournal community.
Syd Midnight
They try to do straight man comedy but have skipped the crucial "be relatively normal" step.
One of those rare videos where the comments don't do justice to the horror.
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