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Desc:Fox News priest is adamant that his imaginary friend is better than yours
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:fox news, priest, catholic, hypocrite, oblivious
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Comment count is 13
IrishWhiskey - 2010-12-20
"If God exists there's going to be definite effects, changes in people's lives. But of course these studies aren't going to show that."

And that's from the priest. The study's conclusions are even worse. Are these atheists in disguise?

Helena Handbasket - 2010-12-20
Hey, I want to hear more about that musical savant.
MongoMcMichael - 2010-12-20
I can't tell if Fox and Friends are making fun of the priest at the end or not. Five stars!
pastorofmuppets - 2010-12-21
A lot of people have prayed for a long time for bad things to happen to the United States. Fox News exists, and is very successful, so maybe it does work?
BorrowedSolution - 2010-12-21
My favourite thing about all of this is that they elected to ask the priest's opinion this study. I guess it's fair and balanced because studies are all like..sciencey and stuff?

Also, I read about a study that showed that cursing aloud is a remarkably good pain-reliever. So maybe if we all shout "Fuck God!" repeatedly we'll feel extra good about ourselves.

memedumpster - 2010-12-21
As someone who yells "fuck God" on a regular basis, I can't bring myself to stop long enough to see if my pain threshold drops.

Old_Zircon - 2010-12-21
Julian Assange is about to get a taste of his own medicine!
mashedtater - 2010-12-21
and the phrase "specially selected children"

you know dr Mengele had specially selected children too.


Ocyrus - 2010-12-21
So... they studied people that were involved in violent relationships... and discovered that they had dependent personalities. That's actually what the study suggests if you take the imaginary friend and mental masturbation out of the equation.
Oh well, their god is busy giving AIDS to babies in Africa.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-12-21
"Prayer has the power to ease your mind" is a pretty innocuous conclusion that I find no reason to quarrel with. What makes this offensive and horrible is that it's on "Fox and Friends", who are working their usual black magic on it. They're playing up like a big breaking story, and the fact that they're mocking the parts that they don't agree with means that who fuck knows what's REALLY in the study.

catpenis27 - 2010-12-21
That church guy is the gayest person I've ever seen. Look at him eyeing the man next to him. I don't even mean this in like a "Oh look a gay christian way", but shiiiiit.
catpenis27 - 2010-12-21
Also, "Prayer acts as a distraction, much like a punching bag."
catpenis27 - 2010-12-21
Read the ticker at the bottom of the screen from 2:20 on. It tells about a bus that crashed, it was full of church people.

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