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Desc:This is what we in the biz call flipping the script.
Category:General Station, Arts
Tags:sigur ros, fast motion, fo mo
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I dig the idea, but it doesn't work quite as well as it should. Maybe if you add a bass drum beat with a side chain compressor.
Somehow still seems to last forever.
I was thinking the same thing. How long and what speed is the actual song if this is 800% faster?

The original is about eight or nine minutes long and the pace is what we in the business may call "Largo"


Yeah i'm on board with all this.
Somebody put that squirrel out of it's misery.
From Sigur Rós to Polyphonic Spree.
You're... not wrong.

The Justin Beiber speed up was Evanescence, and I don't think the Timberlake one was genuine either. Until someone verifies that these are the crappy bands they say they are, I wont vote happy anymore.
they really are, ive tested it myself. that said though every other website was doing the sigur ros sped up thing like....6 months ago.

i know poetv is kinda slow on memes but seriously. old news.

I don't think it's bad to be slow on memes when you're fast on amazing shit that still hasn't broken, like Lonnie.

If slow is the new loud, what is fast?
The new ambient?

Syd Midnight
I played Sunn O))) at super fast speed once, and it sounded just like Black Sabbath, which wasn't a huge shock
Sullen icelandic teens sitting in the living room listening to Sigur Ros. Dad hears the long dulcet drone and enters the room.

"Oh here's your problem!"

after he pushes the plug the rest of the way in, the song plays full speed and sounds like this.
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