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Desc:It's not a Let's Play, it's way worse.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Retsupurae, what the fuck do I tag this?
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if there's no god and you know it clap your hands
Comment count is 12
funnier muted

I still dislike Retsupurae, but unfortunately no mirrors of the original exist.

The only really essential tag is BigAl2k6.
Spit Spingola
Oh.... oh no. No.
Caminante Nocturno
I haven't heard anything out of this guy for a while.

I hope it's because he is dead.

I really do.

Somewhere, someone out there made a MUGEN character out of this. Let's hope it never sees the light of day.
Imagine for a minute how much his dad must hate his own life. In the days before Youtube this sort of shame could just be locked in an attic and blamed on the plague, but now every single person his know has seen this. All it takes is one of their friends being the sort of guy who looks at viral videos and BOOM, the whole building is asking Frank about his son's bitchin' victory dance.

I bet they all do Hadokens at the office Christmas party, until the year he hangs himself in the copier room.
As annoying as the majority of the audio is, "she looks like a really hot electrical socket" is solid gold.
William Burns
"She looks like a really hot electrical socket" should be a tag.

oh are you guys beavis and butthead is this a music videosuck my dick
I guess the part of the brain that tells a person not to share embarrassing videos on the internet is not working in BigAl's fat melon.
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