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Desc:feel more “confident” knowing you look, smell, and taste as good as
Category:Advertisements, Fashion
Tags:why the terrorists hate us, tajazzle, vajazzle
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Comment count is 23
Submitter's name makes this perfect.
I don't even have time to watch this yet, but I can tell it's worth 5.
Eroticus E
Put some bling in your fling. This whole thing is magical.
You managed to watch the whole thing?

The Mothership
Oh yes, you must go on.

"There's nothing like going to a bar to test your confidence."

Be the best whore you can be.

The Mothership
Is this the real deal? Is this the same bunch who were doing the original vajazzling, or is it a knock-off?

Either way, 5 stars for all the uncomfortable women without perfume on their vagina and secrets 'only their lover can see'.
Put it on your SEDUCTIVE AREAS, your PRIVATE AREAS, your KISSABLE AREAS. Even dudes can use it tool; to stay dry... WHERE IT COUNTS. Like your upper chest, your toes, or perhaps your butt. Where else would it go?
the way they advertise this makes it sound like a fucking cult. i could only watch a couple minutes because i was too creeped out/pissed off. 5 stars.
Robin Kestrel
This is very creepy and sad.
I haven't been here or logged in for awhile, but I had to for this.

I loved the slo-mo shot or her pulling the bikini out of her ass... with confidence!

My friend pointed out:
"I think one of them has a neurological disorder. Or is just the worst actress ever."
Probably a little of both.

One of them has a neurological disorder? This has got me wondering if lobotomies somehow quietly regained legalization.

Sudan no1
I bet Tommy Wiseau Tajazzles everyday.
Macho Nacho
But you guys this product gives you confidence, keeps you dry, AND makes you taste delicious!

Did I mention it keeps you dry and tasting delicious?
No, Dumbo, the magic was inside you all along!
wtf, this is incomprehensible. seriously.. wtf.
They keep saying it's for guys too but I don't see any dudes in the commercial flashing secret crystal butterflies.

Big Muddy
I don't know why, but watching her poke her veiny tit-capsule with a chapstick of Parfume de Retch at 8:40 made me wonder why they don't just sell that shit on it's own! "It's chapstick for your snizz!"

Porn moguls have the best schemes.
succeeds in confuso-marketing where The Secret and Dianetics left off
That guy
Dear Marauding Space Aliens,

Yep. Do it.

I said I could think of reasons not to destroy us all, but they have slipped my mind in the last 30 minutes.

That guy
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