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Desc:I write DEMANDING a re-hearing of my worse-than-lowest Deadly Gangster police state Criminal Convict
Tags:CIA, Francis E Dec, computer god, deadly gangster police state, deadly poison nerve gas smoke
Submitted:Joe Shmoe
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Never enough Dec.
I thought for sure the first comment would be "I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU TO SUCK, FINISH HIM." The guy reading the text is a DJ who Dec mailed a bunch of letters to.

Dec was a racist and anti-Semite. On the other hand, he also believed his neighbors were CIA agents who spewed mind-control gas from their lawn mowers. I couldn't agree with you more, never enough Dec.

He had a beautiful way with ugly words. Today's crazies aren't anywhere near as poetic.

A fine reader.

You glorious crazy bastard.
Wait... this isn't a parody.

Oscar Wildcat
Fran Dec = Glenn Beck. QED. Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Cena, you're almost there.

That ain't Boyd Britton, MrB. It's some newbie copying his style, not so well, of a more recently uncovered rant.

Would that he had lived long enough to set up a Geocities page.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Or get a show on AM radio... and the inevitable cable news show.

read with minimal oxygen

you can almost hear the frantic "tap tippity tap with dings" of the Remington portable he probably typed this on
I have several faxes of Dec's stuff taped up around my desk at work. It is always fun to watch people's eye widen when they actually take the time to read a little bit of his work.
I think this guy revolutionized the use of the dollar-sign-as-a-substitute-for-the-letter-S-as-an-insult thing.
Is that an actor reading it, or the guy who wrote it? Either way it's fantastic.
did..did he say during the trial the judge tossed his wife's salad?
Robert DeNegro
Francis E. Dec Esq.: The OTHER white man's Che Guevara!
Man. That's gangster.
In case you're wondering what he's so worked up about: He was convicted of forgery and fraud as a notary public, and disbarred. All of his appeals were then rejected, and his filed briefs became more and more like... this.
Billy the Poet
It's tough to master the difference in pronunciation between "z" and "$"
Killer Joe
"The end."
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