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Desc:A benevolent tech researcher is working hard to make marginally fewer MMO fatties.
Category:Video Games
Tags:WoW, World Of WarCraft, kinect
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Comment count is 8
Stock in World of Warcraft plummeted early this morning...
It seems like all this would really do is give you a hunched back. Poor posture tag?
Three stars for the tech...no more than that for involving WOW
bind V_WANK +attack
Two things I rather dislike combined in one video, so stars for that. I'm really amazed at Kinect's popularity and high demand, considering Sony's Move works a hell of a lot better in regards to outside the box interactivity with a game.
Skip Rizzo: Body Master.

Hey, I have a great idea. Get out of the fucking house and eat some vegetables.

Forcing a technology onto a platform that neither needs it nor desires it.
Enabling a technology onto a platform that didn't realize how much it needed it.

This translation from Normal Speak to Corporate Speak provided by Anaxagoras Inc.

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