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Desc:No help for this driver
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:bug, woman driver, LiveLeaks
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Comment count is 15
Liveleaks still has issues where this will fail to load but clicking the video will now take you to their site.
It loaded fine for me in-page.

Yeah, it's embedded fine. Five stars!

ps: the hopper can use the same fix too.

works for me using firefox 4 nightly build.

Works for me firefox 3.6.13

Can we submit liveleak vids now? How about Daily Show?

Having some trouble in AOL 2.5, guess I'd better get the "upgrade" they've been on about.

3.0 fixed it right up, also a whole new buddy list layout! Weird.

Tom Collins
We have contact on Safari 5. Everything's a-ok.

Video is meh, but thanks for the fix.
No full screen?!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Welcome back site formerly known as Ogrish!
James Woods
5 stars for the liveleak fix.

also, where did this chick learn to drive, amirite!
La Loco
Thanks to liveleak obamacare/communazi/muslims are taking over my interwebs.
Obviously the driver got distracted by the giant thumbtack in the middle of her windshield.
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