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Desc:Video game journalism in a nutshell.
Category:Video Games
Tags:bros, mega64, Madden, kinect
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Comment count is 20
I usually like this segment, but this went on for three more minutes than it needed to.
Oh boy, someone made the "bros like Madden" joke again.
Adham Nu'man
That guy probably burned more calories doing this than he has in fifteen years.
You mean he's fat??!?!!?

Shanghai Tippytap
Fuck you all. I hope I never get to the point where I can only find humor in black and white dadaist german realist films of a bespectacled man in black tights and turtleneck falling off a chair and announcing "what pain is life".

Also, mega64 is picking up the Tim and Eric route of satire, it seems.
I was about to say that sounded like something a Tim & Eric fan would say, then you did it for me.

Not the greatest, but I laughed a few times.
Mike Tyson?!
There were some good jokes in here. I was going to give 4 but you humorless clowns giving 1 is forcing my 5.
Comedy is hard.
These 5 go towards the FF13 bit, the Kinect/Move bit, and the NBA Jam bit.
Their FF13 summary was better than every single review of the game i read anywhere.

thank god someone else finds the title "Epic Mickey" as funny as I do
I enjoyed the apparent breakdown of reality at the end
I don't know what these people are screeching about, but I know bad satire.
Spit Spingola
Very close to plagiarizing Tim & Eric but still funny.
Tim & Eric aspire to be this good.

Eroticus E
Madden is a lot of fun. Get over it.
I actually really enjoyed.
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