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Desc:The band members soon realize they are secretly furries...ritual suicide follows soon after
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:metal, Furries, drugs, dethklok
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Comment count is 10
Needs commas between the tags
Done. Sorry, my bad folks.

Killer Joe
I 1-starred it, cause nothing happens.
Well they do scream incoherently for a while

Influence Device TIMR
I hate furries

three stars
Tuan Jim
I love Influence Device TIMR

3 stars

Oscar Wildcat
Strive for moderation in all things, TIMR

What the hell? There is nothing remotely approaching furry in this. Its Dethklok and spirit animals, not Sonic banging StarFox.

2 starts because yay Dethklok, and boo terrible title and description for a clip that doesn't stand on its own.
Damn, Whiskey...I'll try harder.
*cries in the corner like the little bitch he is*

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