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WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2011-01-04

It's always fun to watch clips of this movie when people get a little too nostalgic about how much better puppets and stop-motion are than CGI.

Xiphias - 2011-01-04

to be fair, this was in the really early days of CGI. it would look a little better, now

WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2011-01-04

The thing is, the Aliens aren't CG: they're rod puppets that were filmed in front of a green screen and added afterward. The actual CGI aliens in Resurrection looked way better.

The Mothership - 2011-01-04

My only problem with them is that they are too shiny, and not slimy enough.

Squeamish - 2011-01-04

Aw, man. My day is now a little sadder.

Pouring out a fine scotch for Pete.

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