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Desc:This parrot is smarter than I am!
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:parrot, alex, better animals, intelligence, sapience
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Comment count is 15
"can i have some water?"

"here's your water."

*parrot doesn't drink*

"oh you just want to interrupt."

Or maybe the parrot doesn't know what he's saying lady.
"I want to go back."

I'm not sure I am ready for the implications of all of this...
Innocent Bystander
It's trying to say "no more hurt".

American Standard
"Wanna go back. Wanna go back. Wanna go back."

The parrot is so not into it. I love that.
What has happened to Alex's feathers??
Parrots tend to pull their own feathers when they are under stress and not happy.

In a related video, Alex is dead, and that chick is WAY old now.
Oscar Wildcat
That old Clever Hans fraud just never gets old, does it?
Eroticus E
Yeah, because there's no difference between the cognitive abilities of an African Grey parrot and a horse. Even if the whole Alex thing were a "fraud" there's still plenty of evidence that some types of birds have intelligence in the same range as great apes.

Such birds as unladen African swallow.

Eroticus E
Go sit in the corner.

People will still be arguing about what various animals *actually* understand 100 years from now

Also a Clever Hans fraud: humans.

I still think this is really cool despite all the skepticism. I wish my bird could do shit like this but she just likes to be pet and dig in the trash to find aluminium cans to chew up.

'Alex's last words to Pepperberg were: "You be good. I love you." '
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