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Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:what the fuck do I tag this?
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Comment count is 25
Supahfly - 2011-01-07
1min45sec. Don't want to hear her phone conversation.

Also how does she think that white hair is blonde?
Ghoul - 2011-01-07
:29 seconds, without the volume turned up. I am weak.
augias - 2011-01-07
Nothing evil (or interesting or cringe-worthy) about teenagers doing their usual stupid self centered shit. I just don't see why this is even here. Cute kid, I hope she grows up? I like her hair? I dunno.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-01-07
I think there are a number of interesting directions a discussion about this video could go... Yes everyone does stupid self-centered shit like this when they are kids, but speaking only for myself, I certainly didn't want to broadcast my stupid self-centered shit to the entire world.

What does the phenomenon of internet celebrity really say about our society and the direction of its arc? etc, etc

I'm not saying these discussions are going to occur here, and I'm certainly not saying I want poetv to be flooded with shit like this, but it probably won't since we do have a hopper, so now we have this.

I made it to 0:35, but I had to gird myself to even press play.

Anaxagoras - 2011-01-07
When teen-agers act like dipshits, it's cringe worthy. The fact that they're often dipshits doesn't really change the equation. Teabaggers are also usually dipshits, but they're worth mocking, right? Same thing.

fatatty - 2011-01-07
That conversation has already occurred many times on this site. I don't think it's necessarily a sign of a dangerous arc in human civilization, just some teenagers needlessly embarrassing themselves. And some of them find an audience and some sort of validation for their vapidity.

The world has always been filled with stupid people, just now they open a window into their bedrooms and let us watch.

2:19, what do I win?

citrusmirakel - 2011-01-07
The argument that, as a teenager, you didn't want to broadcast your self-centered shit to the universe is untrue. You wanted other people to read your awful poetry and look at your retched drawings.

And furthermore, to say this is the same thing on a larger scale is untrue as well. Because the only people who are going to watch a video of BeautyBreeBear showing off her new dye-job is going to be a small handful of...


Okay, I have no idea.

Vicious - 2011-01-07
Not me, citrus, I hid everything about myself. Which led to my crushing personality flaws to this very day.

Tom Collins - 2011-01-07
Yeah, the mistake is not keeping this to a social networking site.

She's harmless enough, tho.

Zarathustra00 - 2011-01-07
why the terrorists hate us
why the terrorists should win
leaders of tomorrow
you wish this was a troll
videos you only watch because they're on poetv
chumbucket - 2011-01-07
new replacement for a cassette recorder
why YouTube needs a hopper
why did I just watch this?
voted up because....

Syd Midnight - 2011-01-12
guy busted with underage prostitute
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Nikon - 2011-01-07
I wish I could have a full head of white hair. And 20 seconds, with the volume up.
gambol - 2011-01-07
4 seconds.

What the hell is it doing with its mouth?
dead_cat - 2011-01-08
Practicing for doing oral for cash.

Cheese - 2011-01-07
How long can you make it into this video before masturbating?
Hammer Falls - 2011-01-07
I made it all the way through, but then again, my youth was filled with people like this. People on the fringes of some friends; the anonymous "who are you?" people at a party or club that, after a brief conversation with them ends, the inner voice immediately goes, "Well, we'll never talk to them again."
I agree with not evil, though. I'm surprised it made it through the Hopper. I was waiting for something truly annoying or surprising... like until she stopped lipsynching the cheeseburger speech, I was trying to figure out if was another guy in drag.
Nikon - 2011-01-09
Yup. I kept hoping I could press START or X to skip the bad cutscene, but it was real life.

Xiphias - 2011-01-07
not very far
kennydra - 2011-01-07
holy shit she actually has the scene wolf hair.
themilkshark - 2011-01-07
I blacked out after 9 seconds. Woke up a few hours later, lying on the floor.
fluffy - 2011-01-08
Gave up after :25
Hooker - 2011-01-08
Gave up because it was boring and the background noise drowned out her voice anyway.

How do you get your hair like that? Bleach can't do that, can it? I thought there was a plateau.
paparatti - 2011-01-12
No, that's pretty much bleach right there. You have to bleach and bleach again (that's maybe 3 loads right there, depending on the base colour, could just be 2), and then use purple toner. And she needs to deep condition badly.

kingofthenothing - 2011-01-08
6 seconds.
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