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Desc:On the news, so it must be true.
Category:Military, Educational
Tags:civil war, slavery, confederates
Submitted:Corporate God King
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Comment count is 10
http://voices.washingtonpost.com/local-opinions/2010/10/the_myth_o f_the_black_confeder.html
That's heart warming. Black or white, the South honors its traitors.
This is disgusting.
True, but I'm getting a pretty good buzz thinking about how much this must be pissing off all the hardcore racists that still think the civil war is going on.

Mmm, yeah. That's the good stuff.

That guy figured out the best scam.
So confused
The Mothership
My mind has been blown.
This is not the first time the Sons of Confederate Veterans have tried this crap. Research ex-lawyer Greg Stewart and one Anthony Hervey from the Ole Miss area.
This is so far beyond farce it's mind-shattering. We live in stupid, stupid times, ladies and gentlemen.
died just like their white neighbours were.
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