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Desc:Uncle Ward beats his nephew for posing as a thug on Facebook
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:whoopin, facebook, uncle ward, e-thug
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Resubmit:The Mothership

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that phone is off da hook
Oscar Wildcat
Say dad; if you're trying to convince us that your family are not gang members, you need to pull your pants up.


Oscar Wildcat
It is the style in America for gang members to wear your pants around your knees, showing you boxers. I understand this is a prison style ( you get your belt taken away in the pokey ) but it leads to some hilarious moments, like that time in Brooklyn when I saw some guy crossing the street this way and his pants fell right down to his ankles. Imagine the look on his face as a car load of white people drove by laughing and pointing.

By "some guy" I'm sure you meant "Gang Member".

This reply needs a white people tag.

ho ho ho that's some great ironic racism maybe you should change your name to alexis de tokeville

The Faghorn
Hey. Guess what belts do when not used for whuppins.

Sagging has been a popular style for sometime. Origins in prison culture, sure. But it's been popular for a long time, long enough for generations of people to have adopted it.

You're out of touch.

Tie a fucking onion on your belt graaaaaaampaw

Oscar Wildcat
'coz it was the style of the time! NOW GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!

gee I wonder why he isn't wearing a belt right now if only he had a belt close by to put on and wear

La Loco
Remember when gangbanger meant a member of a criminal gang, not a member of an orgy? luls

maybe you should consider killing yourself

Oscar has apparently read:

"Whitey's guide to scary black people"

other gems include:

having a pant leg up means they have a gun!

Wearing blue or red gets you shot if you encounter a black, always wear neutral tones.

Black people cant see you if you dont move, their vision is based on movement!

The Mothership
This uncle and the San Jose Sharks guy's dad should get together and put out PSAs.

Oh god yes, yes yes.

The Townleybomb
"Now go put that on you're fuckin' wall" is not quite "making an ass out of yourself for all eternity", but it will do.

I want them to teach parenting classes full time. That's some solid parenting right there.

yup, that's how you raise someone to not be a thug. By psychotically kicking the shit out of them
Let's not forget public humiliation.


People are fucking dying man, it's serious business.

wtf japan
Except that many gang members have access to the internet and probably like to visit sites with names like "worldstarhiphop.com" every once in a while.

Oh please. I got the belt AND the wooden spoon as a kid and I'm no thug. I just really hate my parents and fear everything in life.

Somebody should have raised bias not to be a fat guy on the internet.

A look into two very upsetting lives, thanks to WorldStarHipHop.com.
Don't block it with your hand, kid! Goddamn, it's like you never got whooped with a belt.
Hell yeah. Hell yeah. HELL yeah.
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