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Desc:Come for the Attenborough, stay for the obese bears
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:bears, david attenborough, obesity, american black bear, ursine welfare system
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Comment count is 13
*witticism on race in america*
*overly sensitive, guilt based, humorless rebuttal to your witticism*

More like BEARack Obama, eh? EH?!

"Wild and unpredictable, if the park closes, they'll come to the nearest town and cause mayhem." Nice

Lazy, shiftless black bears, all on the bear-fare.

that makes me really sad because it will encourage more human bear interaction which will enviably lead to a mauling and the bears will be considered the villian and shot.
I want to see that bear do the Truffle Shuffle.
Robin Kestrel
Once they're sitting there all fat and content to wait for their food to be dumped from a bucket, I guess they're not really "wild" bears anymore. I agree no good will come of this.
It's like a freakin' country Bear Jamberoo around here.
American Standard
God damn I wish people wouldn't do this.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Imagine all the piles of bear shit around his home.
holy fuck those are some fat bears. also do they really need 20,000 calories a day still when they don't have to do anything to get it?
Caminante Nocturno
At least the bears don't have any complaints.
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