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Desc:a lecture comparing current recession to great depression and other adverse economic circumstances.
Category:Crime, Business
Tags:depression, history, lecture, recession, robert higgs
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Comment count is 3
baleen - 2011-01-10

He's barely able to defend the positions he's positing and goes into deeply stupid territory.

Actually, the gold standard is possibly what caused the Great Depression.
Countries that abandoned the gold standard earlier on were mainly spared by the worst ravages of currency rushes.

Ludvig von Mises is not an anarchist nor was he a libertarian, and followers of the Mises can't call themselves either. Nor can their ridiculous paleoconservative followers.

What a deeply stupid man.
Pillager - 2011-01-10
Sorry goldbug, Nixon's abolition of the gold standard was one of his brighter moves.

baleen - 2011-01-10
And Roosevelt's pretty hard ass meddling with the gold standard, like Exec Order 6012 and the Gold Reserve Act, could never have happened now, but without them, there would have been no money in the economy with which to spur growth.

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