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Desc:A lot of times they come for the airplane crashes.
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:strangers, parking lot, nonsense, bleach
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Comment count is 15
The Townleybomb
Funny as hell, but he probably doesn't need to make a whole bunch of these.
by the way, have you seen Rep. Giffords around here?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I have nothing interesting to say except that this asshole lives near me just as Colleen Thomas does. Fun fact: I was behind him at a stoplight a few months back where he had his YouTube channel emblazoned on the back of his SUV. I get home and look it up . . . ahhh cool an ammo stash of fart videos for PoeTV and it's all mine! My elation turned to disdain when it became obvious that all of his videos are fucking staged by friends and family from the church he attends. Yeah, a fucking Christian making fake farting vids for the Internet.
that story's worth a few stars from me.

Night Train to Mundo Fine
Are atheist farting videos more artistically honest?

I've seen all of Jack's videos and my finely tuned Christian Radar has never seen a blip. Even if there is some evidence that he might be a follower of Jesus, that makes his farting prank videos unwatchable?

Night Train: yes.

This guy is pretty much every teen in my town from ages 13-18. Once they graduate high school they usually get married out of wedlock, have multiple children, and turn to drugs or booze.
Sometimes a few escape from this dive. Oklahoma is a helluva state.

Hay Belly
Yeah, I hope he dies today.

Atheist farts are rigorously scientific.

On the day of the 4th of July I was walking past this guy's house when someone shot off a bottle rocket. I smiled and said to him, "Firecrackers." He smiled back and said, "Doing great. You?"

I've always been tempted to walk up to a stranger and ask, "Are you confused?" Then after a moment of puzzled silence say, "Thought so," and walk away. Never had to guts to do it though.
this video is lame but your idea gets stars

Jack Vale is a tag
50% good
Dude needs to limit himself to one or two sentences per person, and not mention dumb shit like monkeys.
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