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Desc:Aviva/Henrietta meets the rest of Mama Sunshine's family at breakfast.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:palindromes, Todd Solondz
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Comment count is 7
It should be noted that, despite appearances, the character of Henrietta is a 13-year-old white girl. Thoughout the movie Solondz cast about 10 different actors for the part including several 13-year-old girls, a very young girl, a couple of grown women, and a boy. He says he got the idea from the Darrin casting in "Bewitched".
he's also a pencil necked hack who only did one good movie

Yeah, Happiness ruled but this was trash.

Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness.

I thought Palindromes had some good (for sheer WTF value) moments, mostly in the Mama Sunshine section. The actress switching also worked much more smoothly than I would have expected. It certainly isn't up to the level of Happiness, though.

He made a sort-of sequel to Happiness back in 2009 but it's only been released on DVD overseas. Reviews are mixed.

For those who haven't actually seen Palindromes, it's dedicated "in memory of" the main character of Welcome to the Dollhouse and the first scene is her funeral. He says in the liner notes that he had tried a couple times to get the actress to reprise the role in other films, but she firmly refused so he killed the character off once and for all.

Palindromes was pretty damn good when it was good and Welcome to the Dollhouse/Happiness are awesome. chairsforcheap I challenge you to a duel.

American Standard
Happiness was good and Welcome to the Dollhouse was good and Palindromes was unfortunate.
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