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Desc:So a lot of rap fans are obsessed with the illuminati right now
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Insane, conspiracy theories
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Comment count is 22
Bebido - 2011-01-10
Touch the sky? Aliens.
baleen - 2011-01-10

I've met these people. The internet has made a lot of Internet Detectives out of a lot of dumb ass people. Add late night radio and you've got a swarm of anti-intellectual jackasses exchanging notes and citing each other's blogs as sources.
Syd Midnight - 2011-01-12
The words "Illuminati", "Truth", and "Patriot" are internet equivalent of a bicycle helmet, drool, and an unsteady gait.

Old_Zircon - 2011-01-10
Haven't watched this yet, but 5 stars and favorited for the title alone.
TimidAres - 2011-01-10
So much stupid.
In before obligitory "Imma let you finish" joke.

Bitches dont know about my NWO.
Billy the Poet - 2011-01-10
Oh, that clears everything right up.
TheSupafly - 2011-01-10
For a while the top rated comment on one of Ciara's vlogs was a comment demanding that she make a video explaining if she is an Illuminati or not, with evidence.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-01-10
I too pay close attention to Ciara's vlogs... I'm glad I'm not alone!

TheSupafly - 2011-01-10
I knew I'd get in trouble for that. It was linked to me I swear!

Macho Nacho - 2011-01-10
Thanks internet for revealing the truth about those sneaky Illuminati people.
Riskbreaker - 2011-01-10
Here's the thing: we are all part of the illuminati, they just never tell you about the other members.
pastorofmuppets - 2011-01-10
So forwards it says "I sold my soul to the devil," but someone reversed it to look for a hidden satanic message? Am I understanding this right?
Harveyjames - 2011-01-10
That's a clip of Jay-Z saying he sold his soul to the devil (in a freestyle rap (in which he was talking metaphorically)).

By the way, Kanye and Jay did a song called 'Lucifer' with the lyrics 'I gotta get my soul right, I gotta chase these devils out my life' and 'Lucifer son of the morning, I'm going to chase you from this earth'.

Man, people love looking for backwards satanic messages in that song! It's their favorite hobby!

Syd Midnight - 2011-01-12
The Venom song "In League With Satan" contains a backwards masked satanic message, but since it's slightly less satanic than the actual forward lyrics, it's a Christian message I guess? 5 stars for Venom.

Chalkdust - 2011-06-18
there's a backmasked message in the original Diablo game that says "eat your vegetables and brush after every meal"

Harveyjames - 2011-01-10
So the interesting thing here is- with all this illuminati conspiracy theory stuff racking the hip-hop blogosphere- rappers are starting to use it to their own advantage, to boost their perceived worth and the sense of mystique around them. Why deny the rumours, when the legend makes them sound far more interesting, accomplished and connected? For instance, Rick Ross has made multiple references to his being a freemason in his lyrics! (Protip: Rick Ross is not a freemason).

Anyway, the great thing about Kanye's power video is that it plays with this, and genuinely does incorporate masonic imagery- the Eye of Horus, images from the tarot deck, and the two men's swords clash to form the emblem of the freemasons a split second before the video cuts out. It's pretty great!

I love this clip because the dude spotted the one obvious piece of hidden imagery, missed out on every single other piece and then made up about 12 batshit insane ones of his own. My favorite being the cloud he thinks is a 'THE BALD EAGLE NO HEAD'.

Chancho - 2011-01-11
The Eye of Horus is not a Masonic symbol. Tarot decks have a few common symbols used in Masonry but that's coincidental. I guess the swords could be considered Masonic.

augias - 2011-01-11
My grandfather is a freemason, he's boring as shit, not wealthy nor influential. Same goes for the freemasons of today. Spoiler alert: It's just an old fart's gentleman's club surviving in a time when gentlemen's clubs don't offer the connections and access they used to.

pastorofmuppets - 2011-01-11
That's exactly what he wants you to think.

Syd Midnight - 2011-01-12
I'm under the impression that that one Simpsons episode is closer to the truth about what Freemasons do than any conspiracy-minded batshittery.

exy - 2012-10-26
My gramps and my ancient dead uncle climbed high-ish in the masonic hierarchy before "losing interest" and dropping out. If there's anything fiendish going on there, it's among a few individuals; the organization as a whole is a flotilla of lame-os looking for acceptance. PS it's all about the latter.

zerobackup - 2011-01-11
Masonic imagery is the fool's way to look clever. See also: Dan Brown.
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