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Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Star Wars, Death STar, oops, mashup, lando
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Time for geekery:

In one of the comics, they have a former imperial in a bar smirking about how this is what happened, and how he finds it a nice little consolation that at least the teddy bears that screwed things up for him got some payback.

Then someone else at the bar points out that, uh, hey guy, actually the rebel fleet had that covered and they vaporized any threatening debris before it got to the atmosphere.

Imperial dude: "Oh."

It was pretty obviously the comic author rolling his eyes at overly cynical nerds.
MacGyver Style Bomb
The author was the same guy who made "Troops."

Well, then he can take solace in the fact that the entire planet smells like burning plastic. Forever.

Which is actually a step up from smelling like Ewok.

Jet Bin Fever
Ah, who cares? Ewoks are one of the expendable Star Wars races, up there with Jawas, Tuskans, Twileks, Alderaanians, and all those damned Bothans that died to bring you this information.
I'm tempted to dock this a star for not cutting to the closing credits, but still, five stars.
Oh man, 5 stars for that

Influence Device TIMR
I hate star war.

three stars!
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