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Desc:Almost as horrifying as 'Beaver and Buttface'
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Simpsons, porn, XXX, Lee Roy Myers
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Comment count is 28
"And Moe gets laid..."
This is gross. You're gross, porn industry.
The bar's already low enough that I'm just glad Bart and Lisa aren't involved.

At first I wasn't sure why they brought in Cookie Kwan, but clearly its for her outstanding acting ability.

That and the fact that they didn't have to use any makeup on her.

I'll get my coat.

The guys at Portal of EVIL News are going to have _such_ words for you, Harvey.

Still better than the last 10 seasons.
Finally some porn that speaks to my Jaundice fetish! Now if they'd just start hiring porn actresses suffering from scurvy I'll be set!
On the one hand: D:
But on the other hand: the guy they've got impersonating Homer does a pretty good job!
Yeah, they did a pretty incredible job with the casting. Everything else, not so much.

Dan Castellaneta has fallen on hard times.

Billy the Poet
Maybe YOU'VE never seen sex this yellow.
: D
Influence Device TIMR
I'm not going to watch that!,

three stars
Can't a man masturbate to something with a little dignity????
Every one of these stars are for Flanders.
Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

Stupid Sexy Flanders!

and a glass of water for dippin'

Dear God. The ammount of effort and quality that went into this is incredible. I'm not saying it's good, but the casting, writing, jokes etc. is shocking for a porn parody of a cartoon.
Spit Spingola
Nobody asked for this! Five for the really damn good Homer impression.
thats the porn industry for you. a demented santa claus that brings you nightmare versions of all the things you revere wrapped in pretty bows

They chose Cookie Kwan over Lindsey Nagel?! What about Apu's wife?

In this post, I admit to knowing characters from Simpsons continuity post-2003.
If there's one porn parody that needs to be posted here minus the XXX, it's this.
Porn you pay for is worse than porn you get for free.
Jet Bin Fever
-1 because there's no mention of nibbling on Marge's elbow to get her hot. Come on people, research!
Youtube comment:

Is it just me or does the women that plays marge have a fukin unreal ass?

OisinGaming 2 hours ago
this'll go up there with edward penis hands for sure.
It looks like some of this was "yellowed" in post. I do not envy whoever got stuck with that job.
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